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Recycling of toner cartridges

Recycling of toner cartridges

Layout of the dismantling cabin at the conveyor belt to the cartridge shredder
Toner cartridges present a particular challenge when disposing IT-appliances. Toner cartridges are removed and collected out of printers, scanners and copiers before processing in treatment plants. The quantity of 1 t toner cartridge is containing the following fractions:
  • approx. 15o kg cartridge powder
  • approx. 410 kg metals
  • approx. 440 kg plastics

URT is offering two different toner cartridge recycling solutions:
  1. Wet toner cartridge process
    Applying this concept the complete power cartridges are crushed within water mist. During a subsequent, two-step washing process the toner powder is separated from solid fractions (metals and plastics). Subsequently ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals are separated. With the integrated swimming sink plant ABS- and PS plastics can be separated from the remaining plastics. ABS and PS have a mass fraction of 95 % referred to the total plastic mass of one cartridge. The toner powder is separated from cleaning water and is discharged via chamber filter presses.

  2. Dry toner cartridge process
    At the URT dry process cartridges are opened and emptied within dismantling cabins. The powder is collected and can, for example, be briquetted. Complete emptying of the cartridges is done with a vacuum cleaner integrated in the dismantling cabin. The emptied cartridges are crushed. Subsequently separation of iron and non-ferrous metals takes place. The integrated filter technology is designed to meet the special requirements regarding explosion protection.

Plant with dismantling platform, shredding and separation

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