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E-Scrap Recycling (WEEE-Recycling)

Definition IT

Under the heading "IT", URT is summarizing all the components of WEEE collection group 3 coming from the electrical and electronic waste. In addition to information and telecommunications equipment such as telephones, cell phones, fax machines, printers, copiers and computers, also all devices in the field of consumer electronics such as video recorders, CD / DVD players, game consoles and digital cameras are concerned. In practice, devices coming from this collection group are often treated on plants together with "small domestic appliances". This can take place either in mixture or separately in batch mode. A differentiated treatment of the materials for example, will be then also possible depending on the design of URT plants. Screen devices belonging to this collection group as for example televisions or computer monitors require a separate treatment.

Definition small domestic appliances

Under the heading "small domestic appliances", we summarize all the components of WEEE collection group 5 from the electrical and electronic waste. In addition to domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, toasters, irons or microwaves, also sports and leisure equipment, electric toys as well as electric and electronic (hand) tools have to be added. URT has specialized in the design and construction of complete, mechanical primary treatment plants for this collection group and is offering individually tailored plant configurations with different sorting depth, which can also be linked modularly.

URT plants

Since many years WEEE recycling plants, domestic appliances recycling plants and IT recycling plants are within URT's portfolio. These WEEE treatment plants are often combined with refrigerator recycling plants. But also numerous URT references are on the market, on which non-containing CFC waste electric and electronic appliances are solely treated.

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