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Recycling of CRT screens

With the URT cathode ray tube separation device, type CRT, the so-called heat wire technology, front- and cone glasses of the cathode ray tube can be separated from each other. Front- and cone glass will be separated at the connecting line of both glasses.

The funnel glass is the lead containing, funnel-shaped rear part of glass from the cathode ray tube. A wire made of nickel-chromium alloy will be placed at the connectingline around the screen. The different glasses will be separated by a heating up and through the consequently resulting tension of the glass connecting line.

The fluorescent layer, which could be contaminant-laden, will be manually removed by the integrated vacuum cleaner, after opening the cathode ray tube. Subsequently the different types of glasses and the separated metal parts are transported to a further reutilisation. The fluorescent layer will be pulverulent collected in a collecting container.

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