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URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH

URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH

Fridge Disposal and Recycling of Cooling Systems

URT develops, builds and sells plants for cooling equipment disposal. As the world leader in the field of cooling device recycling we are engineering technically sophisticated plants corresponding to the new standard EN 50574. The CENELEC standard EN 50574 is requiring high demands on the disposal of old refrigerators. This means, end-of-life appliances have to be treated and recycled separately according insulating materials. With the URT plants for cooling equipment disposal insulating materials such as mineral wool, polystyrene and polyurethane foams are automatically detected and further processed - for efficient recycling of cooling systems at highest technical level.

Disposal and Recycling of E-waste

Plants for the recycling of cooling systems are often combined with recycling plants for electronic waste and household appliances. URT plants are in accordance with the European WEEE guideline. Weee is the abbreviation for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The abbreviation refers to the European regulation on the disposal of electrical and electronic waste, to which e-scrap and waste products such as household appliances and IT hardware, as well as flat panel displays and CRT tubes are belonging. The e-waste is shredded and separated corresponding to raw materials using several, technical complex procedures

Printed Circuit Boards Recycling and Printed Circuit Board Treatment

Complex separation processes are playing an important role in the field of printed circuit board treatment as well. When recycling printed circuit boards valuable precious metal concentrates can be obtained, which are immediately available for subsequent melting after this treatment process developed by URT

CRT, LCD and TFT Recycling

Recycling of CRT monitors and flat panel displays will be possible by applying our well elaborated screen separating line. During CRT recycling, the glasses of the cathode ray tubes will be separated at the interface by means of the hot wire technique for being able to separately dispose the different types of glass, the luminescent layer loaded with pollutants as well as metals parts. LCD recycling, however, is facing the technology with new challenges. Mercury containing tubes are installed in the LCD monitors, requiring special care when recycling. Due to this reason URT has developed a special workbench on which the capillaries can be safely dismantled, subsequently shredded and the mercury is distilled.

Toner Cartridges Recycling

For the recycling of printers, scanners and copiers URT also provides technical solutions and is therefore focusing the toner cartridge recycling. During toner cartridge recycling, cartridges are shredded and separated in toner powder, metal and plastic components. URT is offering two innovative solution concepts, one wet and one dry process.

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URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH
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