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E-Scrap Recycling (WEEE-Recycling)

E-Scrap Recycling (WEEE-Recycling)

Since many years WEEE recycling plants, domestic appliances recycling plants and IT recycling plants are within URT's portfolio. These WEEE treatment plants are often combined with refrigerator recycling plants. But also numerous URT references are on the market, on which non-containing CFC waste electric and electronic appliances are solely treated.The following waste electronic- and electrical appliances are treated on URT recycling plants:
  • Small domestic appliances such as kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and electrical toys and games
  • IT devices such as printers, scanners and computers
  • Flat screens with mercury containing back light
  • Screen devices with CRT cathode rays
  • Toner cartridges
  • Large household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryer and electric stove

E-scrap is treated in different shredding- and separation steps in order to generate subsequently fractions, easily and lucratively marketable. In this case URT is differing in pre-processing steps and in separation crushing of waste electrical equipment.
The following separation processes are applied:
  • Magnetic separation with electro-magnets, permanent magnets and eddy current separation process
  • Density separation process such as wind shifting and air separation tables
  • Induction separation process
  • Camera separation process
  • Screen separation process

By combining these recycling processes excellent qualities of the fraction can be obtained. Especially recycling concepts for the removal of hazardous substances are an important point at URT WEEE recycling plants as well. Due to suitable e-scrap plant concepts the following harmful substances are safely removed from the fraction stream and can be supplied to a professional disposal:
  • Capacitors
  • Batteries
  • Displays
  • Mercury switches


Questionnaire for the layout of a recycling plant for small appliances and IT-equipment
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